Who we are

Yakitoro emerges from a trip to Japan which convinced us that the traditional Japanese Yakitoro tavern could be adapted to the Spanish cuisine. The challenge was to prepare Spanish recipes in Yakitori style. In essence, a way of eating tapas with everything well skewered and carrying coal aromas as well as our very own flavors.

. Yakitoro evokes the combination of the Japanese name yakitori (焼き鳥) that defines the Japanese brochette, and the word toro (bull), the most recognized Spanish symbol.

Yakitoro is a venue inspired by the traditional Japanese Yakitori tavern. We add the Spanish touch and we interpret it our way so that everything is nice and intimate, and simply very us.

The traditional Yakitori is a chicken brochette or skewer, of very popular origin in Japan that is cooked on the spot over a charcoal grill. At Yakitoro, we cook with freshness and ease, preparing very appetizing and affordable brochettes.

When you visit Yakitoro, you will find an open and luminous space in which tables are arranged around the charcoal grills where our brochettes sizzle. Drinks are chilled in ice pools in the center of the tables. At Yakitoro everything revolves around the client, fire and ice.

Yakitoro Team